One thought on “Illustrations of Truce Highlight Peace in a Time of War

  1. Shawni Jones

    Hi! I was wondering where I can purchase a print of your sketch of Christ entitled “The Prince of Peace”? It is my favorite picture of Jesus, I take it to church every Sunday to display it in Relief Society and I have had inquiries as to where they can find a copy.
    My husband and I have an Etsy shop where we sell my husbands woodworking projects. He loves to build picture frames and we would like to start selling framed artwork of Christ. Because this piece is my favorite I would love to sell some of my husbands frames with this picture. I am not familiar with copyright laws, I am sure as an artist you are. We have an order for a frame with this print. Please let me know if it is possible for us to sell this print with our own custom frame.
    Thank you!!


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